Read press coverage and reviews of Ms. Kuźma's performances, including her highly acclaimed performance as Lila in the West Coast premiere of Cold Mountain with the Music Academy of the West.




"Among Cold Mountain's myriad supporting characters, sopranos Samantha Rose Williams and Magdalena Kuzma were standouts as the powerful slave Lucinda and the conniving, sensual Lila."


"Kuzma's voice stood out musically and dramatically in the production. She was on stage for only a brief scene, but it was long enough to convey star quality, and leave the audience wanting to hear more.

"Stellar is not an exaggeration in describing the vocal cast for Cold Mountain."

"The rest of the cast: ... soprano Magdalena Kuzma .. kept pace with often thrilling, edge-of-seat performances."


Cold Mountain

Music Academy of the West | AUGUST/2019

Music Academy of the West Revisits Civil War Odyssey with Opera 'Cold Mountain'

"All vocals were strong, clear and ear-pleasing, with nary a soprano squeak at the top of the range nor splashy pyrotechnics on anyone's part. The women's arias, men's chorus and a couple of rapturous duets between Ada and Inman offer melodic landmarks in a narrative-based score."

Young Artist Recital


"Polish-American soprano Magdalena Kuźma, who was the last to sing, performed three songs from Tom Cipullo's song cycle How to Get Heat Without Fire. She too has a voice that instantly engages the listener: shining, free and lustrous. With Bergdorf Goodman shopping bags by her side, Kuźma poured equal parts bathos and despair into 'The Pocketbook' ; each repetition of the words 'fluid Italian suede' was sung with more longing than the prior one."